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So Diana and I were talking and decided if we were to choose which Doctor to actually go traveling with it'd be Christopher Eccleston's. He just seems like more of a friend and much less intimidating, though David is definitely the cute one. Christopher is much more endearing.

I just saw the episode in which Rose goes to see her father on the day he dies and it was HEARTBREAKING. I seriously cried like the entire episode.

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good lord.
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I've got to finish this book about the Constitution today, and write an essay on it.
It really shouldn't be a big deal, but I took my ritalin and I still can't make myself focus at all.
I told Dan I feel empty today, which I do. Like, usually I don't really get bored, and I always have something to say, but today I am very bored with nothing to say.

Its actually really hard to do homework like this because I'm so distracted, and yet it seems like what I'm distracted by is NOTHING.

Of course when I have nothing to think about my thoughts drift right toward bad things.

I feel like nothing could satisfy me right now.

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watched dan and kevin play guitar hero
got pissed at pete for telling kate some exaggerated version of what i said and causing trouble
finally plucked eyebrows

want to play with digital camera and watch pride and prejudice again.
talking like bridget jones and watching what not to wear.

Jena Malone's british accent is kind of annoying in Pride and Prejudice.

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I have a paper to write on the US Constitution and whether we should keep it. Its due monday and if I do it now I can be free all weekend!

but I finally own the Keira Knightley Pride and Prejudice, and I'd like to level up in World of Warcraft.

I also kind of want to watch Ever After.
and I'm reading In Camelot's Shadow which is a really good arthurian fantasy novel with Gawain as a main character (I love him).
Basically, there are so many other more appealing things to do, though the book I'll have to base my paper on is interesting, it cannot compete with everything else.

hahahah oh Mr. Collins is so funny in Pride and Prejudice. I kind of want to reread that. I've gotten into reading again and its really nice. I like having a book to read because then I'm never without something good to do. I spent about two hours in the bath today and barely noticed because I was so into my book.

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So I walked into school (it was SO cold out, omg)
and saw Mr. Borrelli, who said I had a 90 in Critical Issues and was exempt from the midterm. Ms. Duffy high fived me.
Perfect. I took the psych midterm, since he wasn't doing exemptions for his AP students. It was my only one.

After that, Nicole picked me up and we went to get our nails done (mine are now blue) and it was only ten dollars!! They did a much better job than more expensive places.

The nail place was right next to goodwill, and there I found some red and black plaid fleece thing. I thought it was perfect because Dan had been wanting a plaid hoodie and apparently they don't exist. It was 5.99 so Nicole and I pooled our money together and got it for him. I really wanted to drop it off at his house so it would be there and surprise him when he got home, but Nicole said she needed to study.

I didnt give up though. I agreed to unload the dishwasher and let allyson have one of my cokes (the ones that come in the cool glass bottles).

So we went to Dan's and I hung it on his door with a note. He scared me though and said that he got home and found an empty bag on his door. He was just teasing.

Haha I'm just so surprised I managed to pull that off. I mean it was so much better than if I'd just given it to him normally.

So that was the highlight of my day, and now I don't have any midterms to worry about and I won't have a first period class so I can come in late the rest of the year!
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Why is it that no matter how tired I am, I cannot go to sleep before midnight unless I do not have to get up the next day?
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I'm so scared for the psychology exam. So so so scared.
Except, my way of coping with that fear is not to study, but rather to watch Pride and Prejudice (the Keira Knightley one). At least, it would be had Mom actually gotten it for me. See, me, my sister, mom, and my niece were all in the car RIGHT BY BLOCKBUSTER and I was like "I don't have a midterm on tuesday, can we stop?"
And Mom was CONVINCED she'd ordered it for me for christmas and had just forgotten to give it to me.

Of course, it turned out that she hadn't actually ordered it, but had meant to. *Sigh*
Oh, mother.
She really does things like this all the time.

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Finally studying for psych midterm.
Took my ritalin, put some french bread pizza in the oven, and started taking those online quizzes to refresh my memory.

Urge to play warcraft is almost overwhelming. At least doctor who will be on at ten.

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